Product Review: Skin Tag Remover

by Skingenix


Two prime ingredients in Skingenix are Vitamin C & E. Vitamin C lightens dark spots and pigmentation while Vitamin E helps remove dead skin, and some would say this is the perfect combo. It is also rich in turmeric extract but add to this the forever favorite ingredient aloe vera and before even trying Skingenix you can be sure it will provide extra protection against itching and inflammation which you might not get with other products.


The serum comes with a nozzle so applying it on your skin is a breeze. Simply squeeze a small amount of liquid on top of the skin tag and let Skingenix do the rest.


Overall Ranking B+

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Skingenix goes directly to the root of the problem by preventing any hydration of the area it is applied to, which is exactly what moles and warts need to develop. This serum is especially effective for under eye dark circles as it lightens them significantly and evens out the skin tone in the process.

Skin Types

Skingenix is suitable for all skin types, including tanned and damaged skin.


The price tag per bottle of Skingenix is $59.99. This is a bit more expensive than the two previous options but nothing that will break the bank. Free shipping is included, which is always handy.


  • No Chemicals
  • Easy to Apply
  • No Rashes or Itchiness
  • Forms a Protective Layer
  • Eliminates Dead Skin Cells
  • No Side Effects
  • A Natural Formula
  • Takes Longer To Work
  • More Suitable For Face Application
  • More Expensive
  • Only Available Online

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