Product Review: Skin Tag Remover

by HaloDerm


HaloDerm is a homeopathic topical solution created with herbs found in the forests of Nova Scotia, Canada. Its active ingredients include Dulcamara, Nitricum Acidum and Thuja Occidentalis, powerful nutrients responsible for cleansing the skin from harmful microorganisms


Apply a small amount of the cream on that ugly skin tag or mole you want to get rid of. Make sure you clean the area thoroughly before spreading the product.


Overall Ranking B

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HaloDerm attacks the root of the tag and stops it from developing. In most cases, skin tags are shown to dry up and fall off within 7-10 days of using the cream. A few success stories even claim overnight results!

Skin Types

Formulated to work on all types of skin tags including dark, light, raised and flat moles, HaloDerm can be safely used on both face and body.


$99.32 is quite the hefty price tag for a skin tag removal serum given the rates of all the competitors’ products. HaloDerm does offer a free return policy, however, to make up for the premium pricing.


  • Homeopathic Solution
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Remove Up To 10 Tags With One Bottle
  • No Pain Or Itching
  • 6% Of Users Don’t Experience Positive Results
  • No Pipette Applicator
  • The Most Expensive Product On The List
  • Limited Supply
  • Mixed Customer Feedback

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